Better Current delivers energy storage products to elevate spaces and customers to the next level.

From consumer products for condo, home and business owners to new marketing brand platforms, we design energy storage products to directly use solar power and help solve our customers' problems.



From condo to cottage, we've designed a clean & elegant solar charger for homes of all shapes and sizes. For stationary and portable use, our introductory energy storage product will be a nice addition to the family.


From trade-shows to music festivals, charging stations offer ideal brand-building opportunities to sponsors and valuable phone charging to guests. Also, what's good for the home is good for the office, making our solar charge perfect for sales counters, waiting rooms & workspaces of all kinds. 


We enjoy getting involved with interesting projects where energy is needed. Our team designs, develops and delivers the perfect energy systems to meet our customers needs, and provide the tools to let their stakeholders know about the innovative work they are doing.