A golf tournament fundraiser offers participants solar-powered phone charging and sponsors brand recognition.


Finding new opportunities to build relationships and connect with customers in ways that resonate is more important than ever. How can brands get in front of consumers in a way that's win-win? Providing high-speed, solar-powered mobile charging stations has proven to be a valuable service to users, and clients looking to increase engagement and bring their brand to new and unique places.


Canada's first solar-powered greenhouse


Complete in Spring 2017, the Fresh City Farms new greenhouse is equipped with an energy storage system providing 10 kilowatt hours of storage and 2 kilowatts of solar PV. The autonomous system powers lights, fans, motors and pumps to support operations of the 3,000 sqft greenhouse.


Manage your multi-stakeholder workflow better


Created while developing hardware, our web-based CRM platform helps manage a process where multiple individual and company actions are required. Turn time consuming tasks into automated processes, so you can focus on running your business while accelerating the use of efficient, clean energy. Connect with our team to learn more today.